Avid Method Feeders

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• Quick-change design

• Lockable insert

• Aerodynamic shape

• Extra-weighted nose

• Subtle flatbed design

• Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds

2 method feeds per pack. Moulds sold individually

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Small - 2.0oz $6.95 Out of stock

The Flatbed Method Feeders allow you to present a parcel of bait with your hookbait inside. Due to the unique quick-change design, you can change the size and weight of the feeder you are using in a matter of seconds. You can even create a drop off presentation with the feeder if you want to eject it when targeting carp on weedy venues.

To aid casting, the Flatbed Method feeders have a weighted nose and an aerodynamic design. The Feeders have a low profile and are finished in a subtle colour, so they are extremely inconspicuous on the bottom.

The feeders are availble in two sizes (small and large). The small feeders and are available in 1.5oz or 2oz and the large in 2.5oz or 3oz.

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Customer reviews
Average rating:
4.67 (Votes: 6)
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  • Cory Bohmann
    05/23/2021, 05:16 PM
    The best feeder on the market period never let me down yet spot on product..quality all day..5*
  • Austin Bustle
    03/25/2021, 05:36 PM
    Does anyone know if the swivel comes with the feeder? Also, what size is needed to create a bolt rig?
  • Chris Schierkolk
    05/25/2020, 12:06 PM
    These are some of the best method feeders I have used. They are super sturdy. The line insert is easily removed so the leads can be stored separately from the rods. I use a three ounce for the tidal waters around DC were I fish.
  • Boris
    05/21/2020, 04:01 PM
    Excellent feeder. I tried the large 2.5 oz and works very good for long casting. The flat reinforced nose design really adds extra power while casting. I am ordering now small 1.5 oz to try it for precision casting for shallow water.

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