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Kiana Carp Goo is manufactured by experienced carp man, Ian Huntington to a secret recipe, known to very few people! This enigmatic bait additive can be used to glug hook baits, or boost the power of spod and stick mixes.

You can find more detailed descriptions here:  https://www.goo.eu/products

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Pink Almond Smoke $18.74 + -
Halibut Haze Smoke $18.74 + -
Pink Almond Supreme Bait Smoke $18.74 + -
Corn Twist Bait Smoke $18.74 + -
Pineapple Supreme $18.74 + -
Pineapple Smoke $18.74 + -
Tutti Frutti Smoke $18.74 + -
Spicy Squid Supreme $18.74 + -
Spicy Squid Smoke $18.74 + -
Tiger Nut Smoke $18.74 + -
Bumbleberry Supreme $18.74 + -
Wonderberry Supreme $18.74 + -
Buttercorn Supreme $18.74 + -
Super Scopex Supreme $18.74 + -
White Almond Supreme $18.74 + -
Yellow Sherbert Smoke $18.74 + -
Pinkberry Smoke $18.74 + -
Isotonic Supreme $18.74 + -
Krill Supreme $18.74 + -
Garlic Supreme $18.74 + -
Outrageous Orange Supreme $18.74 + -
Red Energy Supreme $18.74 + -
Moonshine Supreme $18.74 + -
Bubble Gum Supreme $18.74 + -
No Name Supreme $18.74 + -
Dragon's Breath Supreme $18.74 + -
Salami Smoke $18.74 + -
White Squid Supreme $18.74 + -
Golden Honey Supreme $18.74 + -

There are now 24 variants in the range, including blockbusters like Squid Supreme, Pineapple Supreme and the four Almond Goos, to name but a few. The combinations are limitless and we're only just scratching the surface of what is possible with these fascinating liquids.

The Goo is available in two different models, the Power Smoke and the Bait Smoke. First of all the Power Smoke, which does exactly what it says on the tin, create a powerful cloud of attractant that can be session changing! A few casts with the Power Smoke and you will create the most unique cloud of smell, taste and colour and simply send fish into a frenzy around the area of your hook bait, as well as pulling in fish from many different area’s within your swim. 

Secondly the Bait smokes, now the Bait smokes are slightly softer in colour and more watery than the Power Smoke, but just as effective and ideal for use in almost every situation. They are very natural smelling that their addition really can’t be overdone.

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    Moonshine Supreme, Jungle Juice Supreme, Bubble Gum Supreme, No Name Supreme, Outrageous Orange Supreme, Red Energy Supreme, Garlic Supreme, Pinkberry Smoke, Isotonic Supreme, Krill Supreme, Yellow Sherbert Smoke, Outrageous Orange Smoke, White Almond Smoke, White Almond Supreme, Super Scopex Supreme, Buttercorn Supreme, Wonderberry Supreme, Bumbleberry Supreme, Tiger Nut Smoke, Spicy Squid Smoke, Spicy Squid Supreme, Tutti Frutti Smoke, Pineapple Smoke, Pineapple Supreme, Corn Twist Bait Smoke, Pink Almond Supreme Bait Smoke, Halibut Haze Smoke, Pink Almond Smoke, White Squid Supreme, Salami Smoke, Dragon's Breath Supreme, Golden Honey Supreme
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4.68 (Votes: 47)
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  • Roderick Green
    04/09/2022, 09:05 PM
    I have bought several different scents from the Korda Goo varieties. Some I have great success with and others I would not buy again. I usually have very good to great results with tutti fruitti,bumble berry,sherbet, and corn twist. The sweeter smelling fruit scents and corn twist usually work great where I fish at.I have tried these scents in other places I have fished and still had success with them.I have even caught catfish with these. I tried the tiger nut with various success. I had better luck with tiger nut in the winter/cold weather periods.
    I have bought the pineapple,butter corn,no name,halibut haze,jungle juice and garlic with no luck at all. I have tried these other scents in another body of water and only the jungle juice had some success.
    Finally I will say that I have fish one day with a particular scent with great success catching fish. I would go back to the same body of water and the very same spot the very next day and try the very same scent I had success with the day before and could not get a bite. I would have to try another one of my scents to see what they would bite on that day. So I usually try another fruitti scent or corn twist to get them to bite.
    I will buy other scents in the future but I do believe the Korda Goo is over priced. However, I have found success with some of there products.
  • Nick
    10/18/2021, 08:52 PM
    I was skeptical for too long and finally tried out a few flavors over three days. Of course I cannot be certain of causation because too many other factors at play but I had three fantastic sessions using the goo. Of note, I had two PBs on one session and increased my catches by 75% on the other two sessions. I'll have to live with them awhile to see how things fare throughout a year but I am so far surprisingly impressed.
  • Hue Her
    02/27/2021, 09:36 PM
    Probably the best glug on the market. Holds well in warm or cold water. So much better than the pro cure I've been stuck using. Try it. You won't regret it.
  • Boris
    02/16/2021, 04:18 PM
    Korda goo is certainly a great product, no doubt about that. However I am certain it is overpopularized which comes with the price. Nash plume juice is as good as Korda goo and it is 3 times cheaper. I am actually mixing Nash plume tangerine and Korda orange. It goes together very nice.
  • Carp Noob
    12/01/2020, 05:33 PM
    I have been testing Korda Goo tuttifrutti flavor for carp and catfish. Works wonders in california fall reservoir fishing. Great product, little goes a long way when added into pack bait. Carp and smaller catfish seem to like this stuff a lot.

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