Enterprise Popup Sweetcorn

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This is the original pop up sweetcorn developed by us in 1999, the bait that changed the face of modern day carp fishing, and started the imitation bait revolution. 

Often copied but never bettered, this bait is responsible for the capture of thousands of large carp including a former british record, plus specimen tench, bream, crucians and roach. Impregnated with our special attractants, the imitation grains are soft enough for side hooking but are most effective when used on a hair rig, either alone or combined with real grains of corn. Use the buoyancy to your advantage to create popped up or critically balanced hook baits, using a small shot if required to counterbalance the rig .



Product name Price Order QTY
"Immortal Range"- Yellow / Pineapple & N-Butyric $3.95 + -
"Immortal Range"- Off Yellow / Scopex & Peach $3.95 + -
Red - Strawberry $3.25 + -
Fluoro Mix - Unflavored $3.25 + -
Fluoro Orange - Unflavored $3.25 + -
Fluoro Yellow - Unflavored $3.25 + -
Orange - Tutti Fruity $3.25 + -
Washed Out Yellow - Unflavored $3.25 + -
White - Pineapple $3.25 + -
Yellow - Unflavored $3.25 + -
Yellow - Tutti Fruity $3.25 + -
Fluoro Pink - Unflavored $3.95 + -
White - Unflavored $3.25 + -
Washed Out Pink - Unflavored $3.25 + -

contain 10 per pck

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    Yellow - Tutti Fruity, Yellow - Unflavored, "Immortal Range"- Yellow / Pineapple & N-Butyric, "Immortal Range"- Off Yellow / Scopex & Peach, Mini Pop-Up Yellow, Mini Yellow - Pineapple, Midi Sweetcorn - Yellow -10pcs, White - Unflavored, White - Pineapple, Orange - Tutti Fruity, Washed Out Yellow - Unflavored, Washed Out Pink - Unflavored, Washed Out Blue - Unflavored, Fluoro Yellow - Unflavored, Fluoro Orange - Unflavored, Fluoro Mix - Unflavored, Fluoro Pink - Unflavored, Red - Strawberry, Midi -10pcs - Mixed Fluoro
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4.70 (Votes: 10)
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  • Samuel
    05/20/2020, 10:45 AM
    I caught my PB on with yellow pop up frutti on the hair with a Gardner size 6 Wide gape didn’t get the weight but it was a big carp. I like these the best after trying a few other kinds these are more soft and rubbery than other brands like Korda’s fake food so I prefer Enterprise now personally. Highly recommend
    03/08/2019, 10:31 AM
    I ordered some due to the amazingly low prices. These are the mini versions. I am fascinated to try them and see what hits them. They are very colorful. They should stand out quite a bit in the water!
  • Edgar
    03/28/2018, 03:50 AM
    My friend bought me a pack of these and I wasn't so sure about them when I I them I they were a bit too small formy liking but I was surprised by how buoyant they were and how many fish I've caught in that single pack! In my opinion this is one of the essentialsyou need to have in your tackle box.
  • John
    01/19/2018, 07:30 PM
    This fake corn has more buoyancy than other brands in comparison. I have tried NGT, Korda, and ESP and i like these the best.
  • N
    06/17/2017, 01:08 AM
    Used the yellow popup sweet corn in the tutti frutti flavor on a KD rig and it produced more bites. This is a great addition to any carp angler's arsenal. Best when fished around particle mixes and groundbaits.

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