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  • CC Moore Boosted Belachan Pack

    1 Review(s)
    As water temperatures drop and fish activity slows, any bait presented must be of the highest quality to appeal to fish during the short feeding spells of the colder months. Learn More

    Starting at: $25.00

  • CC Moore Boosted Bloodworm Pellets 6mm (1kg)

    Since the introduction of Frozen Bloodworm to our extensive bait portfolio, we have developed this high quality, exclusive pellet product to compliment the other baits in this range. Learn More
  • CC Moore Equinox Pellets 6mm 1kg

    1 Review(s)

    Rich in soluble fish and milk proteins, spices, fruit extracts and Haith’s Robin Red®, Equinox is a powerfully attractive year round bait that fish just love. Its unique, sweet taste and aroma combines with a comprehensive nutrient profile to create a bait that is a remarkably consistent ‘instant’ catcher.

    These highly attractive, custom made 6mm pellets contain the same powerful liquid attractors as Equinox Boilies & Paste making them the perfect loose feed pellet for anglers fishing with Equinox Boilies and other products in the Equinox Range.


    Equinox 6mm Pellets properties:

    • Low in oil and highly digestible. Ideal for year-round use
    • Sweet, smooth, fruity taste and sweetly spiced, yeasty aroma
    • Rich in essential amino acids derived from high quality proteins
    • Contains fish, yeast, poultry & vegetable proteins
    • Can be scalded to create a great cloud-forming paste
    • Excellent addition to particle, spod & loose feed mixes


    Customer guidance:


    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. 

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  • CC Moore Equinox Range

    3 Review(s)

    After more than 15 months of product development and extremely successful field testing trials we released our superb new boilie, Equinox.

    Designed as an instantly attractive 'food source' boilie, the outstanding results achieved during testing have shown Equinox to be highly effective for anglers fishing short sessions on highly pressured day ticket and circuit waters as well as those targeting large specimen fish over longer campaigns.

    Even on venues where it has never been used before, Equinox has repeatedly out-fished other baits that have been successful on these venues for a prolonged period, showing just how instantly attractive and effective it is.

    Made from high quality ingredients selected from milk, fish, vegetable and egg products, Equinox also contains carbohydrates, spices and Haith’s Robin Red® creating an incredibly attractive year-round food source; the ideal bait for all four seasons.

    In conjunction with its highly nutritious base, Equinox also contains fruit extracts, yeasts and other potent natural feeding triggers to create a unique 'spiced-fruit' taste and aroma that stimulates fish to feed time and time again.

    Being highly soluble and easily digested Equinox breaks down in even the coldest water temperatures, constantly releases powerful natural food signals into your swim which disperse to all layers of the water.

    With its devastating nutrient, taste and aroma profile, Equinox presents fish with three vital properties that stimulates them to eat, making Equinox far more effective in unfavourable conditions than many other baits ... a massive edge that can really help your catch rate.

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    Starting at: $8.95

  • CC Moore Live System Pellets 6mm (1kg)

    1 Review(s)
    The minute you smell these pellets you instantly recognize that yeasty, sweet and creamy aroma that can be associated with the successful Live System range. Learn More
  • CC Moore Live System Range

    2 Review(s)

    This superb, instantly attractive food bait has something of a cult following due to its ability to get a bite when literally all other boiled baits fail. It has a distinctively sweet, yeasty aroma and taste that triggers a strong feeding response in even the most unfavourable conditions. Its light, sandy colour also means it has the added advantage of stimulating fish to feed based on its visual attraction, therefore making it a superb winter bait that really needs little or no introduction prior to use.

    Incorporated into this mix are a number of ingredients that have not been widely used before in UK bait production. This bait therefore presents fish with a completely different food item to those which they encounter more regularly.

    With the inclusion of milk proteins, yeasts, textured vegetable proteins, bird foods, cream powders, Corn Steep Liquor Powder and other very digestible ingredients, Live System represents the ideal choice for year-round application where a stronger, sweeter bait with a distinctive aroma is required.

    Described as a bird food and milk protein combination bait with a creamy, sweet edge, Live System also lends itself to being flavoured or glugged with many other liquid additives, and mixes particularly well with citric and red fruit combinations.

    If you're looking for a bait that can be used throughout the year without any pre-baiting or a boilie that can be fished alongside another bait, then Live System is the ideal choice for you. 

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    Starting at: $8.49

  • CC Moore Marine Amino Pellets 6mm -1kg

    1 Review(s)
    These marine pellets can create an instant feeding area, attracting fish by releasing powerful feeding triggers and appetite stimulators into the water. Due to their high digestibility and moderate oil content they are ideal for short sessions and are suitable for year-round use, relying on water-soluble attractors to draw in fish. Learn More
  • CC Moore Sinking Trout Pellets - 1kg

    Trout pellets have been a huge favourite of anglers for many years. Designed to be fed to growing trout, they have an oil content of 20%+ and a protein content in excess of 45%. This range has a variety of sizes available from 2mm to 8mm meaning we have a Trout Pellet for every situation. Breakdown times vary from 10 minutes to 45 minutes depending on pellet size and water temperature, with a combination of sizes being very effective in one loose feed. Trout Pellets are cost effective and make an ideal component of pellet mixes where large volume is required. Other pellets recommended for a mass-baiting blend are Marine Amino Pellets, CSL Pellets, Mini CSL Pellets and Hemp Pellets. Learn More

    Starting at: $4.95

  • Mainline Baits Match Activated Carp Cell Pellets

    Its name synonymous in the fishing world, Mainline Cell has proven itself to be one of the greatest carp attractors ever and therefore the perfect additive for the irresistible Mainline Coarse Pellet range… Learn More

    Starting at: $5.95

  • Mainline Baits Match Activated Carp Course Pellets

    Designed to send a stream of attractive food signals through the water layers, our Activated Coarse Pellets in four perfectly cut sizes send fish into the competitive feeding frenzy, needed for sustained results! Learn More

    Starting at: $5.50

  • Nash Instant Action Feed Pellets - 6mm / 750g

    Ideal for warm water Instant Action 6mm Pellet instantly increases the food signal in the water. A fast breakdown ensures it keeps fish feeding harder and longer, and is perfect for bag fillings, Method mixes and spod mixes, leaving loads of residual taste and smell. Learn More
  • Rod Hutchinson - Betaine Green Soft Hook Pellets 200g

    The perfect Carp hookbait. Ideal for fishing over a bed of groundbait or pellet. High leakage for maximum attraction. Compliments our range of groundbaits and pellets. Learn More
  • Sticky Baits - Bloodworm (Boilies, Hookbaits, Liquids)

    The original and best Bloodworm Shelf Life bait out there bar none! It is a true testament to this awesome bait that so many other companies have tried to copy it and failed. Learn More

    Starting at: $7.95

  • Sticky Baits - The Krill (Boilies, Hookbaits, Liquids)

    Harnessing one of the most nutritional micro-organisms known to man, The Krill Shelf Life Boilies have been tailored to perfectly suit the carp’s dietary requirements leaving them actively hunting out the bait as an ideal food source.

    Not only does the inclusion of Krill add to the nutritional profile of the bait, it is also highly regarded in the aquaculture industry as one of the greatest natural “flavours” and stimulates fish into a feeding frenzy.

    Learn More

    Starting at: $7.95

  • Sticky Baits - The Krill Floaters

    • The proven pulling power of The Krill, now in floaters!

    • A unique, two-stage coating process pumps attraction across the surface and deep into the water column.

    • The first coating breaks down rapidly, releasing food signals and attractive particles onto the surface.

    • The second coating then delivers a super-soluble cloud of attractors.

    • The Krill Floaters create an attractive slick with no extra oil needed.

    Learn More

    Starting at: $22.95

  • Sticky Baits - The Manilla (Boilies, Hookbaits, Liquids)

    This all-year-round range utilises a “Sticky exclusive” peanut protein combined with a complex blend of refined milk proteins and birdfoods. The mix is then rounded off with a divine Madagascan vanilla extract leaving a bait range that not only smells sensational, but is also perfectly designed to fulfil all nutritional requirements of our quarry. Learn More

    Starting at: $7.95

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