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  • Avid Carp Recovery Sling

    Avid Carp Recovery Sling

    - Features pocket that houses hi-viz retaining chord.

    - Sling extends in width to hold carp.

    - Full-length foam floats for ultra-buoyancy

    - Super-soft mesh construction

    - Double zipped closure                                    

    - Reinforced carry handles

    - Supplied in a 100% waterproof Stormshield Bag

    Standard size: 115cm x 60cm 

    XL size: 140cm x 85cm 

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    • $83.95
  • Daiwa Infinity Weigh Tripod

    Daiwa Infinity Weigh Tripod

    ·         Foldable elasticated legs for ultra-quick assembly

    ·         Light weight for transportation

    ·         Erect length 1.74m

    ·         Folded length 0.93m

    ·         Supplied with carry case

    ·         Shoulder carry strap

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    • $39.95
  • Dinsmores Deluxe Floating Weigh Sling

    Dinsmores Deluxe Floating Weigh Sling


    • Poles can be folded for transport
    • Complete with carry pouch for storage
    • Zipped sides
    • Carp Friendly
    • 3 Quick release Velcro straps for the top of the sling
    • 126x60cm (48x24")
    • Packed size 70x11cm
    • 2m Tether cord supplied with Carabiner clip.
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    • $33.95
  • ESP Retainer Sling

    ESP Retainer Sling

    • Dimensions 46” (117cm) long x 26” (66cm) deep
    • Reinforced handles
    • Four floats provide optimum buoyancy
    • Double ended zip
    • 3m retention cord with bank stick attachment
    • High-vis strips
    • Four highly buoyant floats
    • Reinforced weighing straps incorporating fixed metal rings
    • Slim backdown and nylon sleeve
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    • $65.95
  • Fox Weighing Tri pod

    Fox Weighing Tri pod

    This new addition perfectly complements the recently launched new Digital Weighing Scales and is ideally suited to anglers that are either weighing fish on their own, or needing to weigh very large carp and need that extra support and stability that a weighing tri-pod can offer.

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    • $52.95
  • Gardner Power Lifter Weigh Bar

    Gardner Power Lifter Weigh Bar

    Dual Purpose Weigh Bar. The most versatile weigh bar available, the Power Lifter can be used in two different ways.
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    • $19.95
  • NGT Budget All Round Sling

    NGT Budget All Round Sling

    An all round budget sling, high quality at a great price.
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    • $4.95
  • NGT Captur Floating Sling and Holding System

    NGT Captur Floating Sling and Holding System

    After more than a year in development we would like to introduce our Captur ® sling and holding system. Features include: 8 Independent net floats to ensure the system always floats on the water even in severe conditions A double zip and locking clip so that there is no chance for the fish to escape A 2m rope and peg to secure the system to the bank 2 Removable bars that hold the system open at all times Fine mesh runs along the sides and bottom of the system allowing fast drainage combined with fish friendly materials 6 Carry handles - to cover all contingencies Large size - Ideal for specimen fish A free carry case

    120 x 26 x 50cm

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    • $59.95
  • Prologic Floating Retainer Sling

    Prologic Floating Retainer Sling

    New and improved version with semi-rigid arms to keep the main body open and allow a better water circulation. New fish friendly ultra soft mesh and reinforced webbing.

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  • Rod Hutchinson Recovery & Retention Sling XL

    Rod Hutchinson Recovery & Retention Sling XL

    Featuring side and bottom mesh panels provide good water exchange as well as excellent drainage when removing the sling from the water whilst the top is constructed from a solid material top designed to reduce any light entering the sling from above helping to keep the fish calm and in a relaxed state. Two tension bars which are held in position by small buckles and ensure the sling does not ‘cling’ to the fish allowing unrestricted movement within this sling which will comfortably accept carp in excess of 100lb+! Featuring two reinforced carry handles and a weigh strap, this sling comes fitted with ‘D’ rings at both ends making it easier to attach the sling with the fish facing away from the cord. Supplied in a nylon ‘stink sleeve’ and retention cord which packs away in pocket.

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    • $89.95
  • Solar SP Retainer/Weigh Sling Standard Size

    Solar SP Retainer/Weigh Sling Standard Size

    Key features:

    – ‘Quick-drain’ mesh sections in the bottom

    – Full-length floatation tubes with reflective strips

    – Will accomodate even the biggest of carp. Standard sling = 103cm long

    – Double zips

    – Incredible, reflective cord, which is neatly housed in a separate, zipped pouch on the front of the sling when not in use

    – Supplied with a storage bag

    –  Ultra-strong, fish-friendly material

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    • $59.95
  • Trakker Retention Slings V2

    Trakker Retention Slings V2

    The Sanctuary v2 Retention Slings are now available standard, XL and a whopping XXL for anyone lucky enough to have a chance of catching an 80lb+ carp.

    These new improved slings feature more width between the bars and a squarer base allowing easier fish release, double reinforced carry handles for safe lifting, four floats ensuring ultra-buoyancy and a new meshed pocket to house its 5m retaining cord.

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    • $89.95