CC Moore Elite Range of Pop Ups

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Reviews: 5

The Elite Range of Pop Ups and Booster Liquids have been painstakingly developed by our bait technicians to supply big fish anglers with an intensely concentrated package of attraction in a specialist hookbait system. If you’re a serious angler who won’t settle for second best, the Elite Range of pop ups is the perfect choice for you.

These high quality, hand rolled pop ups contain a unique, tried and tested blend of flavours and feeding triggers that deliver an intense attraction profile covering a range of chemoreceptors.

Each tub contains:

12mm - 45 baits

14mm - 35 baits

18mm - 25 baits

"Plus" 13/14mm - 35 baits

Product name Price Order QTY
Thumbnail Acid Pear 14mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Citrus Zest 14mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Dairy Supreme 14mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Golden Spice 14mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Acid Pear 18mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Citrus Zest 18mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Dairy Supreme 18mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Golden Spice 18mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Acid Pear PLUS + 13/14mm $10.95 + -
Thumbnail Citrus Zest PLUS + 13/14mm $10.95 + -
Thumbnail Dairy Supreme PLUS + 13/14mm $10.95 + -
Thumbnail Golden Spice PLUS + 13/14mm $10.95 Out of stock
Thumbnail Acid Pear 12mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Citrus Zest 12mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Dairy Supreme 12mm $9.95 + -
Thumbnail Golden Spice 12mm $9.95 + -
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Elite Range Acid Pear Pop Ups

· Striking hi-viz orange colour for outstanding visual attraction

· Contains an extremely high level of our powerful Acid Pear blend

Elite Range Citrus Zest Pop Ups

· Superb washed out yellow tone gives Citrus Zest a real edge ;-)

· Contains our zesty, punchy, tropical fruit, Citrus Zest blend

Elite Range Dairy Supreme Pop Ups

· Superb washed out pink colour for great visual attraction too

· Made with our superb Dairy Supreme blend containing Geoff Kemp flavours

Elite Range Golden Spice Pop Ups

· Vivid, unusual golden colour maximises visual attraction potential

· Contains an extremely high level of our sweet, Golden Spice blend

Customer guidance:

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. Repeated liquid coating of pop ups may reduce their buoyancy.

  • Manufacturer
    CC Moore N Co Ltd
  • Product name
    Acid Pear 12mm, Acid Pear 14mm, Acid Pear 18mm, Acid Pear PLUS + 13/14mm, Dairy Supreme 12mm, Dairy Supreme 14mm, Dairy Supreme 18mm, Dairy Supreme PLUS + 13/14mm, Citrus Zest 12mm, Citrus Zest 14mm, Citrus Zest 18mm, Citrus Zest PLUS + 13/14mm, Golden Spice 12mm, Golden Spice 14mm, Golden Spice 18mm, Golden Spice PLUS + 13/14mm
Customer reviews
Average rating:
4.88 (Votes: 8)
Rating of votes (8)
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  • Joe Carter
    06/18/2018, 06:54 PM
    Acid Pear worked great when paired with a tigernut on a recent trip. The fish were shy until I went to this bait. I had several catches within a small amount of time. Great bait in clear water ans a bit of weed on the bottom.
  • Joshua
    07/26/2017, 07:55 PM
    I ordered one of each flavor from the elite+ range. The all smell great and are bright colored, highly visible. The maintain smell and buoyancy for long periods of time and ive caught loads of fish on them! I will most definitely order more.
  • Christopher
    03/29/2017, 03:25 AM
    The CC Moore pop ups (Acid Pear, 12mm) make the perfect snowman rig with boilies (Live system, 15mm). The colour and scent are a perfect attractant.
  • Daniel
    08/04/2016, 04:22 PM
    I love these pop ups nice and clean no mess and they work
    use them in multiple ways.
  • Cory
    05/09/2016, 02:14 PM
    I Ordered The Acid Pear 14MM Pop-ups. They Smell Almost Identical To The Solar Pop-up Top Banana. The Flavor Needs To Be Changed To Banana. Because They Don't smell anything like a Pear!! Not Very Happy With Them!

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