Custom Rods

Interested in custom carp rods or having a set of fresh guides put on let us know via email what you are thinking and we can get you a quote.

American Tackle Atrex, Harrison, and Century blanks and build components are available. Based off the rods that we carry from those companies.

Custom rods aren’t cheap so you’ll be spending $350+ per rod depending on what the build is. 

Guide replacements are $15 per double foot guides, $12 for single foot and tips plus cost of the guide for a single rod. Custom trim is $2 extra per guide wrap. If you are replacing the guides train on multiple rods a better price can be given.

Shipping costs will be up to you.

Build times are hard to estimate as it can depend on if all the components are in stock. Once everything has been received it can take a week or longer to finish the builds.

We are currently only offering custom builds for spinning style carp rods. 
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