Delkim Repairs

Our apologies for any inconvenience as a result of your Delkim Alarm / Item requiring repair. Delkim are justifiably proud of their reputation for the speed and efficiency of their After Sales Service. Please note that most items returned for repair have to be shipped back to the UK for repair so please allow 2-3 weeks.

All Delkim Alarms / Items have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. Items purchased within this time period will be repaired & returned to you free of charge. 

If your Alarm or Receiver is not covered under warranty or was purchased outside of North America, there is a minimum $25 charge for repairs & shipping costs. Payment is required with the returned item (We accept Money Order or PayPal – do not send cash!). In the unlikely event of there being additional costs these will be notified to you and will need to be paid prior to return of your alarm / receiver.

Please follow this link to download the Delkim Repair Form which is required to be included when you send us your Delkim products for repair.

Delkim Repair Form Download