DNA Baits PB's Popups (Pineapple/Banana)

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Of course, we could not do a fluoro range without including the awesome and well-proven pineapple flavour somewhere along the line. To mix things up a little, though, we have coupled it with a lower-level banana flavour to give it a sublimely smooth undertone. These give extra life to a long-term classic and you can be assured the spirit of the yellow peril lives on in these bad boys.

Liquid Booster:
A high-attract, PVA-friendly liquid booster. Containing a highly stimulatory organic-feed trigger originally designed for use within the aquaculture industry, this liquid is ideal for adding to stick mixes, pellets or particles to add a unique flavour. Available in five flavours to match our fluoro pop-up range, this liquid has a multitude of uses.

Intense Booster:
A small bottle that packs a mighty punch! The Intense Boosters really do live up to their name and allow your fluoro hookbaits to reach new levels of attraction. They come in 15ml dropper-style bottles, as just half a dozen drops at a time is enough to keep your hookbaits smelling divine! Just add, leave to dry add again and repeat as many times as required to make sure the guy in the next swim is left wondering what that incredible smell is.

We've found that these bottles can be overfilled from DNA. We've included a photo of a bottle filled with 15ml of liquid for an example.

Candy Stick:
The list of uses for this product is only limited by your imagination. We have had success using small slivers as ‘toppers’ for balancing bottom baits, making a refreshing change to the often overused plastic corn. Oddly shaped sections work well on conventional pop up rigs or as chod rig hookbaits. The irregular shape of a broken off piece of Candy Stick adds an element of difficulty and unpredictability for the carp when dealing with your rig.
Six sticks per pack at 12mm x 100mm per stick.

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12mm $8.75 Out of stock
15mm $8.75 + -
18mm $8.75 + -
Intense Booster 15ml $4.19 Out of stock
Candy Stick (Popups. 6 per pack) $7.69 + -
Small Dumbell Wafters (10mm x 15mm) $8.75 + -
Large Dumbell Wafters (14mm x 18mm) $8.75 Out of stock

These highly attractive and visible hookbaits have an unrivalled buoyancy, nutritional profile and physical structure and packed with high levels of attractors, betaine and unique, carefully blended flavours. Each pop-up has also been enhanced by the addition of a hi-viz colour. Each colour is extremely bright and creates a strong visual signal that matches the level of attraction produced by the appetite stimulants. With a soft and spongy structure, these pop-ups can easily be mounted by piercing or tying them on to a hair and can be easily trimmed to create a critically balanced bait of an unusual shape.

Approx. 50 x 15mm baits per pot.

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    10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, Liquid Booster 250ml, Intense Booster 15ml, Candy Stick (Popups. 6 per pack), Small Dumbell Wafters (10mm x 15mm), Large Dumbell Wafters (14mm x 18mm)
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