Frequently Asked Questions

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open-close-arrowCan I place an order over the phone?

We do not have a method to take payments over the phone. All order are placed via the website.

Last updated on 05/06/2020
open-close-arrowCan you add an item to or change my order?

We do not keep your payment info so we cannot add items to your order. You will need to place a separate order then we can combine them together. We combine orders when we see you have more than one so if you need to order extra items we request that you place a separate order and we will credit back the difference in shipping when we get the orders combined. We understand this affects adding small items such as needles, swivels, ect... because they do not meet the $25 minimum quantity.

Last updated on 04/11/2023
open-close-arrowDamaged/Lost Shipments

For a lost package you will need to contact the local office of the shipping company. Sometimes the driver will put packages in a strange location. The local office can also start a lost package search for a missing package. Unfortunately there is not much that we can do until the package is officially marked as lost in their system. FedEx phone number is 1800GOFEDEX.

If an item is damaged or lost a claim needs to be filed for the items. 

For FedEx/UPS:  To file a claim on your behalf we will need the order number, list of damaged items, and photos of the box and damaged items emailed to us at  FedEx usually has this resolved within 5 business days.

For USPS (starting June 1, 2022): Claims must now be filed by you, the buyer/recipient. USPS almost always asks for extra info or to see the package/item.  You will be reimbursed directly from USPS. Claims can be filed at your local post office or online at USPS Claim.  You'll need to create an account if you don't already have one.

In all cases you must keep the original packaging and materials and provide them to the shipping company if they request to inspect them. If they are requested and not provided the claim can be denied which means you will not receive replacement items.

If the products are over $100 (per item) please ensure you have enough insurance to cover the items. Every shipment is insured for $100 automatically (total shipment regardless of item value) and claims will only be paid up to $100 if no extra insurance has been purchased.

We are not liable for lost, stolen or damaged packages and recommend purchasing extra insurance (Insurance/Signature) and possibly a signature request. 

If USPS/FedEx does not honor your claim the next step we recommend is contacting your credit card or PayPal. 

Last updated on 06/01/2022
open-close-arrowWhere's my tracking info?

Your tracking info is emailed to you when the label is scanned by the shipping company.  

You can also check the tracking info when you login to your account and look under "My Account" >>> "Order List".  This will also be where if there has been more than 1 package shipped by clicking on the master tracking number when using FedEx.

Last updated on 06/01/2022
open-close-arrowBroken Rods

Rod breakage happens and the cause is almost always user error/damage. The rod having a lead bounce off the blank cause cause enough damage for the rod to break later. We generally recommend casting weights that equal the test curve + 1oz. For example 3.0tc rod would be a max total casting weight (lead and/or method / packbait / PVA) of 4oz. While you can cast more weight it may void the warranty of the rod. We also recommend when casting to have the lead near the ferrule/middle of the rod as having it to close to the tip causes stress on the first few inches of the tip and can overload it causing it to break.

"Hi-Sticking" the rod while netting a fish is another example of an easy way to snap the tip section. Pulling line from the tip downwards under the tension of the reel drag will cause the break as well.

The following article gives a great explanation of the causes of rod breakage:
Rod Breakage Info

Last updated on 06/03/2022

General Info

open-close-arrowAre discounts available on an individual basis?

We don't offer discounts on an individual basis because we feel like if one person receives discounts everyone should.

Last updated on 05/06/2020
open-close-arrowBargain Bin

This section with discounted/discontinued items that drop in price at random automatically. Retroactive credits and returns are not available on these items. 

Last updated on 05/26/2020
open-close-arrowEmail invalid when logging in

If you receive a message that your email is invalid it is almost always due to a blank space at the beginning or very end of the after the ".com"

Last updated on 07/03/2020
open-close-arrowHow many of (any item) are in stock?

If you try to add more than we have in stock you'll receive a small popup showing how many are in stock. For example if you try to add 10 and there are only 5 in stock it will tell you the maximum you can order is 5.

Last updated on 06/30/2020
open-close-arrowWhy is there a $25 minimum order?

We have the minimum because even at $25 with the cost of labor and processing fees we may be losing money or breaking even on a $25 order. We cannot stay in business if we are losing money on orders. 

Last updated on 04/13/2023
open-close-arrowWill you be getting new items or restocking from XXXXX brand?

Yes we get new items as soon as we can. Most companies announce the release several weeks to months in advance before they are available.

If we are out of stock on an item for more than 30 days it's most likely because we cannot get it from the manufacturer. If it's a large item (shelter, bed chair, chairs) we order those on the containers and can be out of stock until we do those.

Last updated on 05/26/2020

Product Questions

open-close-arrowItem Descriptions

We copy the descriptions from the manufacturer's website. They sometimes update their info and we are not informed about the updates. For the latest info you can visit their websites.

Last updated on 05/08/2020
open-close-arrowRod Pods, Alarms, Back Rests, ect..

All of the threading for pods, bankstick, alarms, storm poles, back rests / butt rests is the same across all the manufactures.

For a rod pod you will need alarms or front rod rests for the front and rear rod rests for the rear. There are very few pods that include rear rests and those have it listed in the description. There are no pods that we sell that include alarms.

Banksticks will require a front rest or alarm.

Last updated on 05/08/2020

Shipping Info

open-close-arrowInternational Shipping

We currently only ship orders within the United States and Canada. We do not ship to the UK or other countries outside of North America nor do we allow the use of Freight Forwarding services. 

Due to an increase in customers coming over to fish in the US we have enabled the option for payments from the UK for billing only. If you are coming to visit and fish you can use your correct billing address and a separate US shipping address for your order. Please contact us if you are planning a visit and we can help with your order.

Last updated on 05/06/2020
open-close-arrowShipping related info

Orders placed after 6am CST may ship same business day dependent upon the amount of orders we have. We strive to ship next business day from the date of your order however there may be rare occasions when it is not possible for us. Shipping times are based on business days (Monday-Friday). 

You are not paying extra for USPS 2 day shipping. It says 2 days based on your distance. If you were closer it would say 1 Day or 3 Day if you are further away. FedEx One Rate is their "flat rate" shipping and is shipped as FedEx Express 2 Day.

Orders placed with different billing and shipping addresses may be cancelled and refunded unless prior authorization is received. Please contact us before placing the order for authorization

Orders may need to be shipped in separate boxes depending on what the combination of items are. If this is the case you will receive a tracking number for both packages. Sometimes the packages will get delivered on different days. This is something our of our control.

We only receive a tracking number and have no additional info into your package after it has left us. Calling us to find out where your package is will not help. Please contact your local post office or FedEx office for more info after you receive the tracking number.

We are not liable for lost/stolen packages and recommend purchasing extra insurance (Insurance/Signature addon) and possibly a signature request. 

Shipments that are refused will be refunded minus the shipping costs.

Last updated on 05/17/2021
open-close-arrowWhy are the shipping charges so high?

The shipping rates are based on the size/weight of the item and your zip code. Large items like bedchairs, bivvies, ect... have high shipping costs especially to the coastal regions. We have such a vast variety of sizes that we cannot get perfectly quoted rates on all orders. For example the system doesn't allow us to tell it a bucket is empty and able to be filled with small items. Long items such as rods and net handles also calculate their own separate box due to the volumetric weight however we cannot tell the system that we can also fill that box with smaller items. These calculate at least 3 of the exact same rods per box. If you have 3 different rods (even different test curves of the same model) it will calculate 3 boxes.

We always try to pack ship orders as efficiently as possible and credit back the difference in shipping in points on your store account during the 1st week of the following month.

Last updated on 12/12/2023
open-close-arrowShipping Insurance

Packages we ship do not include extra insurance. Extra Insurance is available for your purchase as an item. If your is order lost or damaged and does not have insurance to cover the total it may only be reimbursed for up to $100. 

We are not liable for lost/stolen packages and recommend purchasing extra insurance (Insurance/Signature addon) and possibly a signature request. 

Last updated on 06/03/2020