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  • ATT V2 Leather Pouch Deluxe

    ATT V2 Leather Pouch Deluxe

    Quality leather pouch for the ATTx Deluxe Receiver.
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    • $14.95
  • ATTs Clear Body Deluxe Receiver

    ATTs Clear Body Deluxe Receiver

    This new clear bodied version of the ATTx Deluxe Receiver matches the great looks of the new clear body ATTsi heads, whilst retaining all the same benefits and functions as the original Deluxe receiver.

    • Features an in-built stub aerial that gives the receiver extra range.
    • The receiver uses two AA batteries giving a longer working life on each set and also increases the workable range of the receiver, improving the signals penetration of foliage.
    • The Clear Body are extremely water resistant!
    • All Deluxe receivers incorporate significantly improved electronics that mean the receiver now has 10 independent channels (twice that of the standard receiver) and each channel can be programmed to a different tone output; individually selected from the 21 tones available.
    • Volume is adjusted through 5 settings using the SSI (Silent Step Increment) system, controlled by the ‘+’ and ‘–’ buttons on the side of the receiver, with the volume being indicated by the LED display on the front of the unit.
    • You still have the choice of Vibrate on/off, but this is now complimented by the vibrate mode automatically switching on when the speaker output is reduced to silent.
    • Another really nice improvement is that the first bleep is no longer a ‘double bleep’.
    • Finally, the Clear cased Deluxe Receiver is supplied 7 colour lenses (5 fitted and 2 optional colours), with all the colours available to purchase individually for those customers that want to customise the colour array they are using.


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    • $139.95
  • ATTs Clear Body Illuminated Wheel Alarms

    ATTs Clear Body Illuminated Wheel Alarms

    The new Clear Bodied ATTs underlit alarms simply look amazing in the dark! The new bodies mean that the LED that is positioned under the wheel now also lights up the whole of the clear body making them glow beautifully in the chosen colour.

    These alarms retain the same core features, functions, size and bullet proof reliability of the original ATTs and under illuminated versions of the ATT heads.

    Whilst the under illuminated wheel version of the ATTs already offers much better peripheral visibility, where ever the angler may be in the swim, these clear case heads take that concept way further, as the whole alarm glows vividly with the colour of the LED.

    Another advantage of the lit wheel and clear cases is that ‘takes’ don’t result in your night vision being “spoilt” by a bright, forward facing LED.

    • Clear Bodied ATTs alarms are supplied with a 2 magnet clear roller wheel as standard.
    • These clear wheels can be changed quickly and easily to a colour matched wheel that really enhances the colour of wheel.
    • Coloured wheels to match all the different coloured LEDs are now available in 2, 4 and 6 magnet versions, so you can adapt the sensitivity of the alarm to suit different angling situations.
    • All ATT heads are fully compatible with the Deluxe, Clear Bodied Deluxe and original V2ATTx receivers.
    • Full 1 Year ATT Warranty.


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    • $89.95
  • ATTs Underlit Wheel Alarm

    ATTs Underlit Wheel Alarm

    After the phenomenal success of the original ATTs silent heads, the team at ATT have released the eagerly anticipated illuminated wheel version of their trend setting system.

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  • ATTs V2 ATTx Deluxe Receiver

    ATTs V2 ATTx Deluxe Receiver

    When combined with the ATTs heads or ATTx transmitter systems The ATT Deluxe Receiver sets a new benchmark for wireless bite alarm receiver systems. We do keep these in stock however if you receive a message that it will be put on back order when you add it to the cart it will take 10-15 business days to receive the item.

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    • $129.95
  • ATTx Bivvy Table Cradle

    ATTx Bivvy Table Cradle

    Handy bivvy table holder to stand the ATTx system in. Allows the receiver to be perched on any flat surface.
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    • $7.95
  • ATTx V2 Neoprene Pouch Deluxe

    ATTx V2 Neoprene Pouch Deluxe

    Quality neoprene pouch for the ATTx Deluxe Receiver.

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    • $15.95
  • ATTx V2 Remote System 3.5mm (Fits Delkim alarms only)

    ATTx V2 Remote System 3.5mm (Fits Delkim alarms only)

    • Soft Touch, non-reflective, rubberised finish on Receiver and Transmitters.
    • Improved Battery Life on Receiver and Transmitter – The Receiver is powered by a single AA Battery providing a battery life of up 3 weeks of normal use.
    • The Transmitter is powered from a single GP11A battery lasting up to 1 season of normal use. The batteries supplied are tester batteries only.
    • Mimics Alarm Beeps – The Receiver beeps at the same rate at which signals are received by the Transmitters, from the buzzer output, thereby sounding anything from a single bleep to a full-blown ‘one-toner’.
    • Improved Range and Performance – tested to 100m + range under optimum bank side conditions.
    • Multiple Tone Selection on the Receiver – 10 different user selectable tones.
    • Improved Transmitter Design –The electronic circuitry is encased in its own watertight compartment to prevent the risk of water coming in, transmitter corrosion and any resultant malfunction.
    • Activation on all LEDs (for simultaneous runs).
    • Last LED Activation Recall.
    • LED’s will remain on for 40 seconds after the last buzzer signal is received from the transmitter.
    • Vibrate mode and Volume control.
    • Low Battery Warning.
    • Fully compatibility with the Deluxe Receiver.
    • Standard system comes with Multi Coloured V2 receiver that has 5 different coloured LED’s – Red, White, Blue, Green and Orange.
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    • $195.95
  • Gardner 3 Rod So Solid Nano Bars (2 per pack)

    Gardner 3 Rod So Solid Nano Bars (2 per pack)

    For Tackle tarts and narrow fronted swims. Nano bars are sized to allow rods to be fished very close together, when using big pit reels.

    • High tensile Aluminium construction makes these bars solid and robust enough to stand the test of time, yet still reasonably lightweight.
    • Luxury Camo Green powder coated finish, as with the rest of the So Solid range.
    • Fully compatible with the So Solid Sticks and Extra Long So Solid Stick.
    • Manufactured in the UK – Beware of inferior imitations.
    • Lengths – Front = 256mm – Back = 230mm
    • Colour: Matt Olive Green.
    Only 2 left in stock
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    • $35.95
  • Gardner Aluminium Brolly Pole Size 29", 36" & 48"

    Gardner Aluminium Brolly Pole Size 29", 36" & 48"

    The original screw-in Brolly Pole was the first on the market and has not been bettered since. Individually machined from a length of Solid Aluminium these poles will literally last a lifetime.

    Lightweight high tensile Aluminium with machine threaded tip is as tough as they come. Steel T-Bar for winding into really hard banks. Manufactured in the UK - Beware of inferior imitations. Available in 29" (73cm), 36" (91cm) and 48" (120cm).

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    • $9.95
    • $39.95
  • Gardner Ambush Rig

    Gardner Ambush Rig

    • 15lb skinned camo hooklink.
    • Sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10, Barbed
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    • $1.95
  • Gardner Asylum Mat

    Gardner Asylum Mat

    The new Asylum Mat combines the safety of a cradle style unhooking mat with a clever folding design that ensures it offers compact storage when collapsed.

    The large removable mattress is filled with soft 50mm foam and fits snugly into the base of the cradle. This essentially offers the highest level of protection/cushioning possible, whilst the 25cm high sides keeps the fish safely in the confines of the mat.

    The removable mattress also features a large integrated retaining/kneeling flap with Velcro tabs for even greater security/fish safety.

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    • $89.95
  • Gardner ATTs Alarm Battery

    Gardner ATTs Alarm Battery

    Batteries for the ATTs Silent Alarm. 1 battery required per Alarm.
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    • $2.50
  • Gardner ATTs Protective Hard Case

    Gardner ATTs Protective Hard Case

    A replacement protective hard case for the ATTs range of alarms, including original ATTs, Crystal and Underlit heads.

    • These cases include an integral magnet that switches the alarm off when in place.
    • Protects them from damage during storage or transit.
    • These hard cases now have an improved texture to make getting them on and off the alarm heads much easier.
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    • $8.95
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