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Kiana Carp Goo is manufactured by experienced carp man, Ian Huntington to a secret recipe, known to very few people! This enigmatic bait additive can be used to glug hook baits, or boost the power of spod and stick mixes.

You can find more detailed descriptions here:  https://www.goo.eu/products

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Almond Power Smoke $17.95 + -
Halibut Haze Power Smoke $17.95 + -
Almond Supreme Bait Smoke $17.95 + -
Mystic Spice Bait Smoke $17.95 + -
Corn Twist Bait Smoke $17.95 + -
Pineapple Supreme Bait Smoke $17.95 + -
Pineapple Power Smoke $17.95 + -
Tutti Frutti Power Smoke $17.95 + -
Squid Supreme Bait Smoke $17.95 + -
Spicy Squid Power Smoke $17.95 + -
Tiger Nut Smoke $17.95 + -
Mangonana Supreme $17.95 Out of stock
Chocolate Candy Smoke $17.95 + -
Bumbleberry Supreme $17.95 + -
Wonderberry Supreme $17.95 + -
Buttercorn Supreme $17.95 + -
Super Scopex Supreme $17.95 + -
Scopex Cream Smoke $17.95 + -
White Almond Supreme $17.95 + -
White Almond Smoke $17.95 + -
Outrageous Orange Smoke $17.95 + -
Sherbert Smoke $17.95 + -
Krill Supreme $17.95 + -
Isotonic Supreme $17.95 + -
Pinkberry Smoke $17.95 + -
Garlic Supreme Bait Smoke $17.95 Out of stock
Red Energy Supreme $17.95 + -
Outrageous Orange Supreme $17.95 + -
No Name Supreme $17.95 + -
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There are now 24 variants in the range, including blockbusters like Squid Supreme, Pineapple Supreme and the four Almond Goos, to name but a few. The combinations are limitless and we're only just scratching the surface of what is possible with these fascinating liquids.

The Goo is available in two different models, the Power Smoke and the Bait Smoke. First of all the Power Smoke, which does exactly what it says on the tin, create a powerful cloud of attractant that can be session changing! A few casts with the Power Smoke and you will create the most unique cloud of smell, taste and colour and simply send fish into a frenzy around the area of your hook bait, as well as pulling in fish from many different area’s within your swim. 

Secondly the Bait smokes, now the Bait smokes are slightly softer in colour and more watery than the Power Smoke, but just as effective and ideal for use in almost every situation. They are very natural smelling that their addition really can’t be overdone.

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    Almond Power Smoke, Almond Supreme Bait Smoke, White Almond Smoke, White Almond Supreme, Buttercorn Supreme, Bumbleberry Supreme, Caramel Supreme Bait Smoke, Corn Twist Bait Smoke, Chocolate Candy Smoke, Coconut Cream Bait Smoke, Halibut Haze Power Smoke, King Crab Smoke, King Crab Supreme, Mangonana Supreme, Mystic Spice Bait Smoke, Outrageous Orange Smoke, Pineapple Supreme Bait Smoke, Pineapple Power Smoke, Raspberry Plume Bait Smoke, Super Scopex Supreme, Scopex Cream Smoke, Squid Supreme Bait Smoke, Spicy Squid Power Smoke, Tiger Nut Smoke, Tutti Frutti Power Smoke, Vindagoo Supreme, Wicked Tuna Supreme, Wicked Tuna Smoke, Wonderberry Supreme, Sherbert Smoke, Krill Supreme, Isotonic Supreme, Pinkberry Smoke, Garlic Supreme Bait Smoke, Red Energy Supreme, Outrageous Orange Supreme, No Name Supreme
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Average rating:
4.69 (Votes: 39)
Rating of votes (39)
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  • Kenneth
    06/25/2020, 02:42 PM
    I have the pineapple power smoke, and a friend got the almond power smoke and it definitely makes a huge difference. Can't decide which of the 2 works better because we usually catch about the same amount. Usually doubles the catch rate, and once you get the fish feeding you can usually stop using it and still catch consistently
  • Rolando
    06/16/2019, 01:26 PM
    Worth the price, makes huge difference. Actually last a while a little goes a long way.
  • Anthony Gallegos
    03/14/2019, 03:39 PM
    Bought pineapple supreme and use it on all my hook baits it works great and releases a great scent trail for carp to hone in on going to be ordering another bottle soon
  • Kevin Zeh
    01/13/2019, 08:08 PM
    Bought corn twist and raspberry to put on my pack bait before casting out. They both work very well.
  • Leo
    07/08/2018, 10:31 AM
    By far best add on to your bait.... It put it on steroids

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