Korda Kamo Sinking Rig Tube

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  • Anti-glare, plastic camouflaged tubing
  • Great anti-tangle properties
  • Available in clay, weed, gravel and silt colours
  • Easy to thread
  • 2 meter pack / 0.75mm bore
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Clay $3.74 + -
Weedy Green $3.74 + -

Not only does rig tubing stop the hook link from wrapping around the main line on the cast preventing a tangle, it also stops the fish coming in contact with the line during the fight. This is a vital safety aspect of the rig which we feel should not be ignored. Our tubing has a matt finish, which makes it harder to see underwater and most importantly, easy to thread. It comes in three colours, all of which sink without the need for putty. Having said that, we have seen from the underwater footage that the better the rig is pinned to the lake bed the less scared the carp will be. It is also better to get the colour of the tube exactly right for the spot you are fishing and then weight it with extra putty. Our underwater experience tells us our colours are right and extra putty can only enhance the whole set up but is not as essential as getting the colour right.

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    Weedy Green, Clay, Silt, Gravel Gravel
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  • Rolando
    10/12/2021, 08:11 PM
    Great. Very durable easy to thread, just make sure your line is straight and has no kinks or curly parts.

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