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  • Fox Casting Finger Stall

    This design works on both the left and right hand and has been made from the same materials as our Fox Rage predator glove, which was used by the likes of Tom Maker, Mark Bartlett, Mark Pitchers etc. as a casting glove previously. This means that the leather on the finger tip is tough enough to protect your finger but is still soft enough for you to feel the line and feel "in control" of the cast.

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  • Gardner Casting Glove

    Casting Spodding Glove. First of its kind on the market. Lycra backed casting glove with a non slip palm.
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  • Nash Casting Glove Right Hand

    High protection casting glove for extreme range casting or intense spodding. Featuring a hard wearing rubber palm for maximum grip, Kevlar finger reinforcement to protect against braided lines and suede finger grips. Universal fit with elastic and Velcro.

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  • Prologic Megacast Finger Glove

    Comfortable and durable, it gives good comfort thanks to the neoprene Velcro strap cuff and the soft elastic fabric construction. Good sensibility thanks to the soft leather finger section, it can be used by both right and left handed anglers.

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  • Vass Tex 355 'Lightweight' Camouflage Waders

    Vass are pleased to introduce the new Vass-Tex 355 ‘lightweight’ Camouflage chest wader. This wader is a ‘Camouflage’ version of the popular ‘plain Khaki Green Vass-Tex 350E Lightweight wader’. Therefore, the Vass-Tex 355 ‘Camouflage’ wader benefits from the usual high quality workmanship and raw materials anglers have come to expect from Vass. The upper part is more than 50% lighter than its Camouflage brother the ‘Vass-Tex 800 Heavy-Duty wader’. This wader was developed for anglers who require a lighter, more supple and compact (when stowed away) chest wader. It’s lightweight and flexibility is ideal for the warmer months as well as taking abroad on fishing trips. Although not as hard wearing as its heavy duty Vass-Tex 800 Camo’ brother, it retains reliability unrivalled by other lightweight chest waders in its class!

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  • Vass Tex 600 Chest Wader

    The Vass-Tex 600 series range offers a very high quality wader at fantastic value for money. Features include sturdy PVC Wellington boot fused with the new Vass-Tex 600g (PVC/ Polyester material) body to ensure reliability and comfort are achieved. An internal pocket and wider braces are also included in this wader. Unlike other manufacturers in this price category Vass are pleased to offer the option of ‘Tungsten’ studded soles which makes the 600 series probably the best value Studded PVC wader on the market!

    Features Include:

    • Chest wader box stitch reinforcement with elasticated braceloop
    • Internal pocket
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  • Vass Tex 700E Nova Heavy Duty PVC Chest Wader

    Features Include:

    • Chest wader box stitch reinforcement with elasticated braceloop with a quick release buckle
    • Quad-Welded seams for ultimate strength
    • Easy Repair Material (see website for repair instructions)
    • Large Heal Kicker
    • Internal pocket and draw cord around the chest
    • High Quality Vass Boot, wider calf and foot fitting for comfort
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