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Mega Tutti Frutti $13.95 + -
Maplecreme $13.95 + -
Pineapple Supreme $13.95 + -
Megaspice $13.95 + -
Sublime $13.95 + -
Chocolate Malt $13.95 + -
Mulberry Florentine $21.95 + -
Monster Crab $20.95 + -
Peach Supreme $13.95 + -
Sweet Mango $13.95 + -
Addicted $13.95 + -
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Strawberry Cream

Strawberry Cream is a jump back to a glorious past, that one we have always read about on the pages of carp fishing magazines, and we always desired to have lived. Strawberry Cream works with every mix we might like to roll. We suggest you to use it together with our Scopex or Intense Sweetener, in order to exploit the different chemical properties of the two products, obtaining an excellent complete bait.


Addicted cannot be equalled or copied because it is absolutely unique. Its pungent smell makes it perfect to use in the most difficult waters, where the angling pressure is overwhelming. The Addicted range is composed by the homonymous mix, spray additive and dip.

Mega Tutti Frutti

Mega Tutti Frutti is endowed with a tremendous action speed, thanks to its particular chemical structure, achieved only after several years of heavy field testing. In this way a bait was obtained that was simple and hugely effective. Today, more than twenty years later, things have not changed and this mythical recipe keeps on catching, showing no signs of yielding, especially during the coldest winter nights.

Squid & Octopus

Squid & Octopus is a well-known flavour among European anglers. The Dream Team had found out a fantastic combination Squid & Octopus, Amino Blend Swan Mussel and Shellfish Sense Appeal. If you are in doubt, you'd better watch their old photos. It's a tight call between Squid & Octopus and Monster Crab, but… are you crazy enough to roll both them two in combination? If you are, you can risk a fight with you neighbours for carp and glory.

Banana Supreme

Banana Supreme thousands of Anglers have proven its lethal effectiveness, using it alone or in conjunction with other flavours. Some classics examples are the couple Banana-Pineapple, or the ready-made trio Banana-Mango-Pineapple. Absolutely resistant to boiling, Banana Supreme has a very high concentration, which allows you to use very little dosages to successfully flavour your mix.

Secret Agent

Secret Agent is Rod's unknown marksman nobody knows its identity, yet everyone knows its devastating potential. It's a secret mix of flavours vaguely similar to fresh meat and fish, with a note of sweetness. It is absolutely deathly during the enduros, and it can really make the difference in the most pressed swims. Secret Agent never fails its shot. Tight lines, my friends!


Scopex is a religion, with thousands of believers spread around the world join them and enter the temple where time has stopped, in order to breath the pure air of the old days. Simply the best, the pure essence of the Rod Hutchinson method. A classic flavour that you can successfully use everywhere, a jolly bait to speed up your angling career!

Mulberry Florentine

Mulberry Florentine is an authentic nuclear bomb. You will be enchanted by its incredible aphrodisiac profile you will smell pure essence of summer, flowers, fruits. Given its incredible concentration, Rod Hutchinson suggests to dose it starting from 2ml pro kilo, even in the strongest fishmeal mixes. Mulberry Florentine 100% success!


Maple Crème is a very sugary sweet flavour, born from the genius of Mr. Rod Hutchison something like 20 years ago. This product is a real best seller in those lakes and rivers where Anglers usually don't get good results with other flavours. Rod suggests to use it jointed with Chocolate malt or Savay Cream, and a little sweetener to obtain an unbeatable superb flavour track.

Pineapple Supreme

Supreme indicates the high quality of the Pineapple liquid in this flavour pure pineapple strong and sharp, with tons of n-butyric acid. Sweetness and attraction are guaranteed. If you are in trouble picking up the right flavour for your next session, this is the answer. Together with its Dip or Spray, it will satisfy you 100%!


Megaspice is the king of the spicy flavours. It is sweet at the right level, and is endowed of incredible persistency. Megaspice has no equal amongst other spicy flavours on the trade, because its original recipe is known only by Rod. He suggests you to combine it with Addicted, in order to get an authentic monster, that will be able to excite even the most unwilling carp. Megaspice can be added to every kind of mix, and you can be sure it will deeply mark its taste and smell structures to form an almighty bait!


The characteristic fresh and pungent smell of this flavour will make any fish swimming next to your swim drive crazy! Sublime is a delicate citrus blend, also containing Sicilian oranges and sweet Tangerines. Rod suggests to use them in short lake sessions, carps will instantly recognize and love it. Add Intense Sweetener or Protaste Plus in your mix and enjoy the show! Already a classic in Italy and France, soon to conquer the rest of the world.

Chocolate Malt

Chocolate Malt is the perfect choice to guarantee your bait the maximum attraction in a very short time, even in cold water. Its sweet and intense note simply comes from another galaxy. Rod says ” Chocolate Malt and Scopex are my magic top duo!”. We think that is enough to put them in your bait bag, don’t you think?

Monster Crab

Monster Crab is a weapon of mass destruction you have to be careful with, especially while rolling your boilies. Your missus could lose her priceless patience. By the way, its smell and taste track is the right one to empty your favourite river or channel, giving great performances together with all the fishmeal mixes. Monster Crab is placed right over there in the Olympus of the carp baits.

Peach Supreme

Rod presents a simple and fresh new finding of his Peach Supreme. This flavour should be used in mixes of animal origin, where you need a flavour at the same time strong enough to be perceivable with his characteristic note but delicate enough to preserve the taste of the mixes

Sweet Mango

Sweet Mango used to be the base for one of the catchiest ready-mades on the market (Pineapple, Mango & Banana). Now the much requested liquid version is finally available. It’s a very dense liquid, and this allows you to obtain a very sweet and sugary result using just a small dose. It’s the ideal solution for long-term baiting, allowing you to have a flavour note completely different from other Anglers. Just make sure you don't overdose, says Rod!

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    Rod Hutchinson
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    Scopex, Squid & Octopus, Savay Cream, Addicted, Sweet Mango, Peach Supreme, Monster Crab, Mulberry Florentine, Chocolate Malt, Sublime, Megaspice, Pineapple Supreme, Maplecreme, Mega Tutti Frutti, Strawberry Cream, Banana Supreme
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  • Get hooked carp team
    05/18/2018, 12:04 AM
    Real strong alcohol flavor. Smells great works good in oats

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