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The sharpest possible hook, sharpened post production to the highest possible tolerance.

“I’m entering my 14th year at Korda. It’s safe to say that I’ve seen wonderful products come along during that period but this is, without a doubt, the most exciting” - Ali Hamidi

Along with most carp anglers around the world, we believe a sharp hook to be the single most important part of your tackle! The UNDERWATER filming and observations on various different locations around the globe has proven that an ultra-sharp hook gives you a greater chance of hooking big, wary fish. 

Lots of anglers have been sharpening hooks for many years, historically they did it because hooks just weren’t sharp enough out of the packet. In recent years chemically sharpened hooks led to a major improvement in hook sharpness, but even those could be improved by hand sharpening into ultra-fine points. This tricky, time consuming craft can give an angler a big advantage and help turn more pickups into actual hooked fish. Anglers like Danny Fairbrass, Darrell Peck and Elliott Gray have had to hand sharpen their hooks to get the very most from their fishing, as production constraints meant that an extremely fine point hasn’t been possible…. Until now.

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Wide Gape X Size 4 $9.36 + -

Korda Developments has spent years painstakingly developing and pushing boundaries in hook technology, the result being the KAMAKURA hook point - the sharpest possible hook, sharpened post production to the highest tolerance.

“As an angler, product developer and Managing Director of Korda I can’t tell you how proud I am of this product. It will bring a genuine benefit to all anglers that use them.” - Damian Clarke

The Kamakura hooks are sharpened post production to an extremely high tolerance. When you open the packet you will notice two standout things. The first is the consistency of the product, every single hook being sold has the same super sharpness. With consistency being the key we take pride in getting every point exactly the same. The second is a wax coating on the sharpened part of the point, this unique way of covering the tip ensures they stay in the best possible condition until they are ready to be used. Simply push the wax coating off before casting out and you’ll be fishing with the sharpest hook you can possibly imagine.

“I believe this process/product not only to be a step forward in carp fishing hooks but a step forward in hook technology in general!” - Tom Dove

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Customer reviews
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3.95 (Votes: 20)
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  • Paul Berlovan
    08/02/2021, 04:50 PM
    Very sharp hook but the point folds over after a couple of bites .. be very careful if you use these. Inspect them every cast.
    Big Carp Tackle
    08/03/2021, 08:48 AM
    That's how they are designed. The extreme sharpness means that the durability of the point is going to suffer.
  • Jared D.
    06/11/2021, 07:32 AM
    The hooks are lovely, but they start to lose their edge after 2-3 fish, Additionally, I am catching (Saltwater) O'io - Hawaiian Bonefish.. giving you ladies/gentlemen and idea of what I am catching.
  • Boris
    01/27/2021, 06:38 PM
    Sharper than the sharpest needle, these are really tournament class hooks where every fish counts, but maybe not so much for everyday use especially for US waters where you can catch even 50 carps in a day. After 1-2 fish tip easily breaks off, so it can get quite expensive fishing with these hooks.
  • Brenden Burnham
    12/29/2020, 01:02 PM
    These super fine sharp hooks are not for everyone. If you are going for that trophy fish, want the best possible chance at hooking it and don't mind swapping out the hook after 1 or 2 fish then these are for you. If you are just fishing for numbers, don't want to swap out hook after 1 or 2 fish and are not careful at making sure the tip does not hit anything then these are not for you. Like I stated these hooks are if you have to make EVERY bite count and are going for that once in a lifetime fish.
  • Greg Stropko
    08/16/2019, 02:19 PM
    Very sharp but very weak hook point. After one fish these should be closely examined, if not changed out. They also can’t be sharpened. Had I known that I wouldn’t have ordered them. However now that I have them I will save them for times when really big, trophy fish are around.

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